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Address Rodolfo Delmonte
Dipartimento di Scienze del Linguaggio
Università Ca' Foscari
Dorsoduro, 3462 - Venezia 30123 (VE)
Phone +39-041-2345717

Here is a map to help you reach us from the railway station.

Latest news

04/14/2011 - Rodolfo Delmonte Lecture: 'EARLY 20TH CENTURY ITALIAN POETRY AND COMPUTATIONAL LINGUISTICS', Italian Cultural Institute in Toronto - 03/17/2011, Toronto

01/27/2011 - Seminar: 'Computational Semantics and Pragmatics' (Rodolfo DelMonte, 2011/01/17,18

11/15/2010 - Seminar: Rodolfo Delmonte, "IR/IE, QA and implicit entities". Language Technology Seminars - Melbourne University.

10/29/2010 Publications:
V. Pallotta, R. Delmonte, Generating Abstractive Summaries of Conversations through Automatic Argumentative Analysis, ECAI 2010 10th International Workshop on Computational Models of Natural Argument (CMNA)
Rodolfo Delmonte, Discourse Understanding, Aix-en-Provence, Laboratoire Parole & Language
Rodolfo Delmonte, Overlaps in dialogues, University of Melbourne, School of Languages & Linguistics
Rodolfo Delmonte, ALTA WorkShop
Rodolfo Delmonte, Centre for Language Technology, Macquarie University, Sydney

08/09/2010 - We have created an SWI-Prolog version of the FrameNet 1.3 database, with some integrations by the organizers of the SemEval 2010 task "Linking Events and their Participants in Discourse". Download the zipped folder here! The files contained in the folder are described in the README.

07/09/2010 - We have made available for download The Little Prince in the Venetan translation by Nicoletta Penello. The text has been further revised and normalized by Prof. Rodolfo Delmonte. The document is available both in pdf text-only version (download) and in the verticalized, manually PoS tagged version (download). Other translations of the novel in 150 languages can be found at this link

21/06/2010 - Latest publications:

Sara Tonelli, Rodolfo Delmonte. VENSES++: Adapting a deep semantic processing system to the identification of null instantiations (download). In Proceedings of SemEval 2010, Task 10: Linking events and their participants in discourse, Uppsala, Sweden.

Rodolfo Delmonte, Vincenzo Pallotta, 2010. Generating Abstractive Memos from Dialogs, DART link esterno , Geneva.

Rodolfo Delmonte, Rocco Tripodi, 2010. Linguistically-based Reranking of Google’s Snippets with GReG, DART link esterno, Geneva.

Rodolfo Delmonte, Antonella Bristot and Vincenzo Pallotta, 2010. Deep Linguistic Processing with GETARUNS for Spoken Dialogue Understanding, LREC, Malta.

Sara Tonelli, Emanuele Pianta, Rodolfo Delmonte and Michele Brunelli, 2010. VenPro : A Morphological Analyzer for Venetan, LREC, Malta.

Vincenzo Pallotta, Rodolfo Delmonte and Marita Ailomaa, 2010, SUMMARIZATION AND VISUALIZATION OF DIGITAL CONVERSATIONS, SPIM, Workshop on Semantic Personalized Information Management, LREC, Malta.

R. Delmonte, S. Tonelli, R. Tripodi 2010. Semantic Processing for Text Entailment with VENSES, in TAC 2009 Proceedings Papers.

Rodolfo Delmonte, 2010, Prosodic tools for language learning, International Journal of Speech Technology. Volume 12 Number 4, pp.161 - 184

Vincenzo Pallotta, Rodolfo Delmonte, Antonella Bristot, 2009. Abstractive Summarization of Voice Communications, 4th Language & Technology Conference, LTC'09, November 6-8, Poznan, Poland.

27/11/2009 - We have published a new article: Rodolfo Delmonte "A computational approach to implicit entities and events in text and discourse".

23/10/2009 - We attend the conference TAC-2009 organized by NIST link esterno on 16-17 November and during this event we will present the results of our system VENSES.

07/24/2009 - A paper link esterno on implicit entities and events in GETARUNS, our GEneral Text And Reference UNderstanding System, has been accepted at ICSC 2009 , the Third IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing taking place in Berkeley, USA next September.

06/03/2009 - Our paper "English/Veneto Resource Poor Machine Translation with STILVEN" has been presented at the International Symposium on Data and Sense Mining, Machine Translation and Controlled Languages ISMTCL 2009 in Besancon, France.

05/10/2009 - Our paper has been presented at the 11th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems ICEIS 2009 in Milan, Italy.

03/31/2009 - Our paper (Scaling up a NLU system from text to dialogue understanding) has been accepted at NAACL-HLT : Colorado University.

01/09/2009 - Our paper "Computing Implicit Entities and Events with GETARUNS" has been presented at the Eighth International Conference on Computational Semantics IWCS-8 link esterno in Tilburg, Holland.

12/03/2008 - A paper link esterno on Sarrif!, our Arabic Morphology Parser, has been accepted at MEDAR 2009 link esterno, the 2nd International Conference on Arabic Language Resources and Tools.

09/30/2008 - The STEP 2008 link esterno Symposium on Semantics in Systems for Text Processing has recently come to an end.

05/01/2006 - Presentations of VENSES, the Venice Semantic Evaluation System, at the 2nd PASCAL Challenges Workshop held in Venice, Italy have been caught on film and made available as vimade available as video lectures link esterno.

05/01/2005 - A presentation of VENSES, the Venice Semantic Evaluation System, at the PASCAL Challenges Workshop held in Southampton, UK has been caught on film and made available as a video lecture link esterno.

07/01/2003 - Our paper (Teams will summarize work and provide feedback on Sonic tutorials: How can we make them better?) has been presented at CSLR .